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“I was able to see the difference in my English pronunciation within the first few classes. I was no longer repeating the same sentence multiple times. Everyone started understanding me better.”

Indian Speaker
Telecommunications Industry


“One of the most important decisions that I made after I came to the USA for residency and fellowship was to take a class with Vireo English Clarity.”

Kaplan Medical Student


“I have lived in the United States for twenty years. I took two other pronunciation courses but they didn’t work. We only practiced sounds. Ms. Yates taught me how to sound and more like an English speaker. My co-workers have already commented on the change in my pronunciation. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to be understood better.”

Emergency Room Doctor
Parkland Hospital


“One of my VPs came up to me in a meeting and said; ‘I can tell a difference in your pronunciation after only the fifth class of language clarity.”

Mandarin Speaker


“I liked the pronunciation training, was really helpful to me. I would like to recommend this class to foreign students. It helped my pronunciation in many ways, for example, at work I can speak to anyone. I do not feel frustrated anymore thanks to Vireo English Clarity!”

Spanish Speaker
Frito Lay


“In only a few weeks, I can tell that my pronunciation of American English has changed and improved. I have a lot of confidence in speaking to my American co-workers.”

Japanese Speaker
Johnson and Johnson


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